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A Guide to Living & Working in Bangkok

There are many foreigners that live and work in Bangkok, the city that never sleeps, and they have a range of occupations, ranging from English teachers to engineers and everything in between. If you fancy the idea of a career change in the tropical paradise on Thailand, there are many opportunities, some of which we will explore in this article.

English Teaching

All you need to teach English in Bangkok is a Bachelor Degree in any subject, even if you don’t have any teaching experience, you can do what many others have done; jump in at the deep end and learn on the job. Pay rates do vary, with the minimum salary at around $1,000, while a teacher at an international school could make three times that much, although you would need to be a qualified teacher. There are many agencies that will help you to get started, and when teaching kids in a government school, you gain a real insight into how the Thais live.

Finding Accommodation

Fortunately, Bangkok offers very good accommodation at low prices when compared to living in a developed country, with long-term condominiums in Ekkamai, Bangkok that offer great amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness centre and, of course, free Wi-Fi. Once you arrive in Bangkok, spend the first few nights in a hostel, then check out the many condo rental deals that you can find on Facebook expat groups.


Of course, some of the best nightclubbing venues are found in the city that never sleeps, especially in the trendy area called Thong-Lor, which is a few minutes’ walk from Ekkamai. The BTS Skytrain covers most of the city, plus there are thousands of taxis that will take you where you wish to go. If you are a lover of fine Thai cuisine, you will be in heaven in Bangkok, with amazing street food and many Thai restaurants for authentic Thai dishes that you will never forget.

Getting to Know the Expat Groups

There are many expats living and working in Bangkok, and of you join a few of the popular Facebook expat groups, you can get advice on anything from renting a condo to how to tip. No doubt, you will make many new friends while living in Krueng Thep (city of angels), as there are many young, like-minded people who are experiencing Thailand in a unique way.

If you would love to make a fresh start, you could do a lot worse than Bangkok, the city that never sleeps.

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