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Hiring a new HOA management company in Flagstaff: What to expect?

If your HOA is managed by a professional service that isn’t delivering on its promises, it is time to move on. Hundreds of HOAs in Arizona rely on HOA management companies to get their work done. Besides ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of the community in general, these companies also reduce the work of the board members, who can focus on better things. Of course, not flagstaff hoa management companies are the same, and if you are hiring a new agency for the job, here are some things to expect.

  1. Uncompromised communication. When it comes to association management, the coordination between the HOA management company and the board is critical. The company should mention how they intend to communicate with board members and tackle the day-to-day requests and complaints.
  2. Experience. There’s nothing more important than the work profile of the HOA management company. It is vital to understand what the new company would bring to the table and the kind of work they have done so far. Some companies have a solid profile, which allows them to focus on every aspect of association management, including administration, finances, insurance, legal matters, and upkeep & maintenance.
  3. Practices. What does an HOA management company do that sets them apart from others? are they more focused on paperless work? Do they rely on software and advanced apps to keep up with certain tasks? How do they plan to manage the budgets and finances? How will they ensure that all payments are collected and deposited on time? These are some basic questions that the board should ask.  
  4. Flexibility. The needs of each community are different in many ways. A professional HOA management service should be able to offer flexible solutions and adapt to the needs of the client. This could be related to something as simple as payment to contractors and vendors or more complex, such as tenant screening.   
  5. The range of services. Many companies have a team of lawyers to deal with HOA issues, while others have an in-house team of accounting experts who are responsible for dealing with various tasks and challenges that crop up frequently. When you check HOA management companies, consider what they can comprehensively do for your association.

Don’t shy away from asking the tough questions, and make sure that the board schedules a meeting with key members in attendance. The right HOA management agency can change the way you live and enjoy the community.

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