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How to Manage When Your Property Suffered Flood Damage?

If you are living near seaside area then quite often you may suffer from flood or cyclone. As a result your property may get damaged and need immediate water damage repair to restore the condition of your property.

Following are three types of water damage that can happen.

  • Clear water damage

If damages are caused due to heavy rainwater then clean water may enter into your property, where there are little chances of microbes and thus it will be easiest to handle. However, even clean water can cause mold growth.

  • Gray water damage

These gray waters will generally be contaminated water which may be due to overflowing of dishwasher or washing machine water.

  • Black water damage

This will be most dangerous kind, which will be highly contaminated water that may have pesticides, chemicals and cause many different diseases.

Such water can come due to heavy flood in your area.

How you get help?

In the USA, there are helplines available where you can either call or do live chat and discuss about your problem to get necessary help. Following are few helps that are available.

  • Red cross kit

Here you will be offered various kits for cleaning up of your house damaged by flood.

  • Flood tool kit

This will be disinfecting item for cleaning your water supply.

  • Food safety

This is a refrigerator that can be used if power is not available to keep your food for up to 48 hours.

It is essential that you must not turn on your generator as it can create a deadly incident. Also, you must avoid driving on the flooded streets

What you should do?

Till you receive any help from the authority or any flood restoration agency, you can do the following yourself.

  • Turn off all your electrical supply line and also all your water supply line, if you can easily reach.
  • Try to mop up by using towels
  • Remove your carpets and wooden furniture
  •  Also remove all the items which are more sensitive to moisture.
  • All leather items must be kept at dry place
  • If the source of water is not clean then avoid contacting it physically
  • Wash yourself if you have come in contact with the contaminated water
  • Avoid turning on your AC or heating equipment
  • Avoid entering into a room which can be electrically hazard area
  • Avoid using any of your electrical appliances.

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