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Pink Foam board versus Blue Foam Board – How they are different?

Blue and pink insulation foam boards are made from polystyrene resin. It is first melted. Next, it is passed through a die for giving a shape. The performance of both boards is similar. The insulating value of both the foam board is R-5 per inch of thickness.

People may wonder what is the difference between both boards. They are stronger than regular white foam. Also, they are easy to use for wall and ceiling insulation. These are different from white foam in terms of R-value of its insulation protection.

However, blue insulation foam and pink insulation foam vary in brand and color.

Manufacturers differ

The manufacturer of blue foam boards is Dow Chemical Co. On the other hand, pink foam boards are manufactured by Owens Corning company.

Brand Names are also not the same

Styrofoam SM insulation products is a brand name for blue foam boards. The pink foam boards have various brand names which include Propink, Insulpink, and Thermapink. These are all developed from Owens Corning.

How both foam boards are used?

Pink insulations are designed mainly for interior walls. But some are still used for exterior walls. They are even used beneath concrete slabs, roofs or foundation walls. If there is a tight connection between the board and the surface, the pink board comes handy. These boards have drainage channels on the surface. Drainage does not get clogged due to its simple filtration system.

Blue foam boards, on the other hand, consists of thin plastic films. It helps in enhancing the strength of the board and protects polystyrene. Hence, it is also used for exterior as well as walls. There are notches present at the edges for ease of installation. It is many times used for reroofing and easily available in the market.

Both the foam boards have a high-density feature. If there are heavy concrete slabs, these foam boards help in taking care of compression.

Does color affect the efficiency of the board?

Both the foam boards are efficient enough. They are colored such as it is easy to compare them from cheaper white “beadboard”. The whiteboard easily reveals the separate beads of polystyrene. In between these beads, air or moisture gets filled.

Pink and blue foam boards vary from expanded polystyrene boards. Expanded polystyrene is insulation at a low price. However, it is fragile. It does not have that much effect as compared to blue or pink insulation.

There are ISO panels or Polyisocyanurate panels. These are rigid foam placed between foil or fiberglass facings. In comparison to pink or blue foam boards, these are highly insulated. But still, they are a bit expensive. Hence, for a reasonable option, pink or blue foam boards are one you should go for.

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