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When and Why to Employ A Property Management Firm?

Many landlords manage their property with the help of a resident manager or on their own. Nevertheless, there are times when the landowner needs more help. Property management firms are a huge asset but come with a price tag. Below are some situations when you plan to hire a property manager is a good business decision.

When to hire a property manager?

  • You have multiple rental properties.
  • You reside far away from your rental property, which can make it hard for you to deal with multiple property management issues.
  • You are uninterested in hand-on management of your rental property as you perceive it to be strictly an investment.
  • You lack the time needed to look after the rental property.
  • You are capable to afford fees associated with a property management firm.
  • You are suddenly swamped with the management tasks and need support to handle everything properly.
  • You don’t desire to be titled as an employer because you will need to deal with payroll and many legal requirements.
  • You accepted a grant from a housing program to invest in a rental property and as a landlord, there is a need to adhere to some complicated rules. Property management firm has the experience and expertise in handling properties associated with housing programs.

Let’s consider the valuable reasons on why to partner with a professional property management firm. If your property is around St. Louis and St. Charles County, contact 

Why hire a property management firm?

Look at the critical tasks that Keyrenter team will help you with –

  • Set the right rental rates after a thorough market study to maintain a low vacancy rate and maximize monthly income.
  • Collect and deposit rental payments every month, which is crucial for smooth cashflow.

  • Market and advertise your property to help fill rental units quickly and avoid long vacancies.
  • Find good tenants via proper screening procedures.
  • Manage tenant-landlord relationship including routine & emergency maintenance, routine inspection, and resolve conflict situations.
  • Manage vendor relationships to get the best rates for maintenance projects.
  • Ensure that property laws and housing regulations associated with renting are adhered to. A property manager helps to avoid lawsuits as they remain updated on the legal changes and ensure compliance.
  • Invest your time in looking for other investment opportunities rather than taking care of daily administrative tasks associated with your rental property.

Property Management Company will offer peace of mind that is achieved because you know your investment is in great hands.

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