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5 Wild Tree Plants To Keep Deer On Your Property

Designing an orchard or yard for attracting deer to your property doesn’t have to be perfect. In other words, you don’t need the perfect fruit trees. However, appropriate planning is still critical, and you may want to consult a local landscaping service to know more on what may work best for your property, keeping regional aspects and weather in consideration. Besides plants, you need to also have certain trees and shrubs, so that these animals spend considerable time. In this post, we are sharing about wild tree plants to keep deer on your property.

  • American plum. When it comes to deer woods, American plum is your best friend, because the trees don’t grow huge and offer considerably good cover. The deer are going to love the leaves too, which is a great advantage.
  • Persimmons. Another good option for deer is persimmons, which is similar in terms of size to the plum and offers cover too. However, the beauty of this tree lies in the fruit, and almost every wild herbivore loves persimmons. Persimmons ripen in the hunting season peak, so you can expect more deer to come in.
  • Honey locust. Another great browse tree for spring is honey locust, which is known for its sweet bean pods that deer love in both fall and winter. Growing honey locust doesn’t have to be hard and is great for cover too.
  • Apples and pears. If you want to settle for more traditional options, go for apples and appears, which get ready by the hunting season. Hybrid varieties are your best bet, because the produce is more per tree, and you don’t have to worry about a lot of care and maintenance. Consider having as many varieties as possible, and talk to your landscaper to know if you can add crab apples to the mix.
  • Red acorns. The last one on our list are red acorns. You may want to know why we didn’t mention white oak acorns. While white oak acorns are great for attracting deer, these are consumed immediately. In comparison, deer don’t prefer red acorns, but when other sources are not available, they will still go after it.

Finally, consider other options too, such as pecans and hickory. It really depends on your budget, and if you plan your orchard right, you don’t have much to worry in terms of the results. Get professional assistance, so that there are no expensive mistakes.

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