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Creative Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Residential homes across the UK are seldom prepared for high temperatures. Historically, this quality of architecture hasn’t been important because summertime has brought only relatively mild climates. There has been no need for air conditioning, for example. However, in recent years, temperatures have begun to rise and the UK has experienced several extended heatwaves, all of which is causing residents to rethink their home’s design.

As we once again approach summer, it is worthwhile to consider the living spaces we occupy because, while homes may not be designed to maintain their best levels of comfort during the hot weather, there are a number of creative ways in which a property can be kept cool throughout the summer.

Block The Sun

It may sound counterintuitive but closing curtains and blinds during the summer can help to keep a home warm. Promising you know which windows face between the west and the north, you will be able to protect your living spaces from heating up beneath the high sun. Then, to balance out the shade, windows facing the south and east can have their curtains open to let in as much indirect light as possible.

Choose Your Space

The UK’s historically mild climate has long allowed homes to be suitable throughout the whole year. However, as winters become colder and summer hotter, it is worthwhile thinking about which spaces you occupy during the various seasons. Some residents, for example, choose to have both a summer bedroom and a winter one, choosing them based on qualities such as ventilation and comfort.

Some will even create outbuildings in their gardens, such as log cabins, as these structures can be tailored to absolute comfort. Some even offer large doors, skylights, and open fronts to maximise ventilation, making them perfect for dining outdoors.

Consider Electronics

In a large, open-plan living space, residents might not notice the impact lightbulbs and charging devices have on their comfort. However, in a small space, the circumstances are different. Plugs that are being used to charge devices, especially those labelled as fast charging, can heat up quickly, just like lightbulbs. What’s more, during the summer months when temperatures are already high, these sources of heat become even hotter, making small rooms uncomfortable.

As such, it is important to be conscious of what devices are being charged and during which times of day. Removing phones from the bedroom, for example, can make a small contribution to keeping the room comfortable. Additionally, bulbs can be replaced with energy-efficient and cooler alternatives.

Insulation Properly

The topic of insulation tends to come up during winter when residents are seeking to keep warmth inside their homes. Insulation, however, also works for cool air and should be considered during the summertime too. A well-insulated home will ensure that warmer air is kept out and that the cooler interior stays as such for longer periods of time. There are many ways in which even small adjustments can be made to insulate a property, from draught excluders to living space isolation, such as closing up a fireplace and keeping doors shut.

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