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 The Restoration Of The Iconic Building: Old Galveston Square

No visit to historic Old Galveston Square would be complete without a stop at Old Galveston Square. Initially built in 1859, this amazing building has become one of the important shopping places in The Strand National Historic District.

This building has over 60,000 square feet of prime Galveston commercial real estate, which has three stories. Then more than 20,000 square feet on the first floor are dedicated to storefronts for some of Galveston’s best retail establishments, including the Santa Fe Trail Jewellery, The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Head to Footsies include in this building. The second, third floors have office spaces available. These are perfect for any business that thrives, as well as a new restaurant, Pelican Joe’s, featuring a full bar, BBQ, and Crabs.

Restoring This Iconic Landmark: Galveston

In September 2008, The Strand District in historic Old Galveston Square was destroyed by Hurricane Ike. The widespread flooding, along with huge damage from high winds, had left many of Galveston’s legendary structures destroyed that needed repairs.

Mitchell Historic Properties (MHP) invested millions of dollars into the clean-up efforts for many beautiful buildings, including Old Galveston Square. That was the first step to restore this classic structure. It needed repair of the floors and walls.

Once the first floor was ready to be operational, MHP set its sights on renovating the floors into some of the most adequate office spaces in Galveston. The office and retail spaces had ranged from sizes approximately 1,000 square feet to well over 4,500. Old Galveston Square can keep businesses of all sizes and shapes.

The amenities of Old Galveston Square include 24-hour availability, also being located on the trolley route. It also includes a spacious Atrium, as well as a balcony, which overlooks the Strand. There are numerous windows and skylights that allow a lot of Texas sun rays to brighten up the interior of the building. This building even includes features that have separate storage units for its tenants.

Shops It Holds

This large building holds more than just shops visible from the street. There are shops hidden throughout the building on all floors.

  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
  • The Admiralty
  • Head to Footsies
  • Emboldened Elegance Boutique
  • Lee Gallery
  • Busters Old Time Photos
  • Mamady’s Primitive African Art

It has been an iconic building in Texas. Restoring this building has been an old objective of the government. This has helped the tourist income of the state a lot.

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