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The Different Types of Living Spaces Available in Thailand

Whether you live in Thailand or you are planning to move there, one of the most important aspects of settling in will be ultimately where you live. Thailand has some great options for residences, both in terms of location and types of buildings. It’s best to research what might be a good fit before moving.

Skip the Apartments

Unless you only plan to live in Thailand on a short-term basis, the apartments can be missed in Thailand. Older apartments can be nice because they offer more space for the same amount of money, but newer apartments tend to be pricey and quite small. For people that like to cook at home, kitchens in Thai apartments can be very sparse. These apartments typically will have little balcony space as well, and with the right research, you can easily find other options for similar prices.

Single and Double Storey Houses

For those planning to live in Thailand on a more permanent basis, there are really wonderful houses for very cheap prices. Some of these housing projects, such as A-west Property projects, are community housing projects. That means they are more private, in gated areas with security cameras. Most housing projects are built for convenience—they will be close to shopping stalls and restaurant options. Some of these properties can be waterfront or even lakeside, offering a sense of peace and serenity unlike anything else in the world.

A Shophouse for Space

Shophouses are very common in Thailand and can be found in nearly every city and province. A shophouse is just as it sounds. The floor level of the building is a shop—some of the most commonly found are restaurants, barbershops, or convenience stores. The rest of the levels above are usually housing areas. However, you can put a gate outside and easily make the entire building just a home. These are great options for people that live in the city that still want space but might not be able to have a single storey house.

Thailand is a great country that offers so many activities, adventures, and cities. The food and the people leave many with the feeling that this is a country that you can easily spend the rest of your life in. With the right living space, it can make Thailand go from feeling like a vacation dream to a home and a reality that is very achievable for those with even a relatively modest budget.

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