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What Happens If You Hire Plant Equipment, And It Breaks Down On Site?

Plant hire companies in the UK provide a much-needed level of assistance for many different types of construction and engineering projects around the country. There is always a requirement for machinery and plant hire when it comes to these sectors and making sure that you have the right support to keep your project on track in terms of time and budget will go a long way to keeping you happy. Disruptions can always happen of course but teaming up with a plant hire company that has done everything it can to limit the instances of machine breakdowns and has a clear plan of action in the worst-case scenarios, is the best approach to take.

You’ve made your choice of plant hire company and have a project coming up where you need some mini excavators, rollers, and dumpers. Once you’ve made this choice and set-up the schedule of delivery dates you can begin to plan in earnest how each task will be completed, by who, and when. Often, construction sites are working on extremely tight schedules and time limits, so ensuring you have the right equipment at the right time is important business.

What happens though if during use, one of the machines or pieces of equipment that you have leased, breaks down?

The best plant leasing companies understand that accidents can happen, and that machinery might break down. In these cases, it is important that your plant hire agreement includes a fast replacement of any broken machinery or equipment. This means that your plant hire company must have a plant lease depot close by, minimising disruption on site and replacing the equipment as quickly as possible.

Prior to that though, a good plant hire company will do all it can to have the right processes in place that limit the chances of a breakdown. Between hires, a machine or piece of equipment will be fully inspected, cleaned, and any required repairs are taken care of to deliver it to the next client in top condition. On top of that, a handbook and safety guidance and training are also sometimes offered to provide as much information as possible to the next operator, providing those safety guidelines that keep things moving in the safest possible way.

Finding the right plant hire supplier is often the biggest battle that you can win. The hire industry in the UK is competitive and making sure that you have made the right connection with a plant hire company that always has your back, will help you to get to where you need to be. Sometimes, things can go wrong, we all accept that, but how you react to that problem shows your quality. If your plant hire company covers all maintenance and repair processes, limits the instances of breakdowns but provides a comprehensive process that quickly resolves any issues, you can sleep easy knowing that your project will run as smoothly as possible and that there will be a limit on any disruption caused by machine breakdown.

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