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Why Hire a Professional Property Manager

Being a property investor and landlord will make you wear many hats. Although this may not be for everyone, most homeowners prefer to manage their properties by themselves. Thus, they take all the responsibilities of being a property manager.  Although some of them are successful, others struggle with basic things such as collecting rent, maintaining properties, and evicting tenants. That is why it pays to hire a professional who specializes in property management medford.

Below are some reasons you should do so:

They can Screen Tenants

No property owners will ever want to have bad tenants and if you want tenants to be property screened, let a professional property manager do it. Having property screened tenants living in your property ensures you are not exposing your neighborhood to criminals and sex offenders. Professional property managers check every possible tenant’s credit history and criminal history as well as get references before they accept tenants for you.

They can Show your Home to Possible Renters

As an investment property owner, you know that time is valuable. For every day your property sits unoccupied, it costs you some money per day, usually $40. If you manage your property on your own, you will be spending your entire Saturday and after-work hours on showing your property to possible renters. Plus, you have to take care of everything to make your home ready for the next or first tenant. This involves cleaning, doing repairs, replacing and cleaning carpets, changing locks, and other maintenance projects. Experts in property management medford oregon will take care of all these for you and ensure your property is properly maintained.

They can Handle every Aspect of Property Investing Correctly and Legally

If you are like other homeowners who choose to rent out their homes you might not be familiar with local and state laws. Thus, you might have no knowledge of fair housing, lease terms, and evictions. A false move can already lead to a legal battle. But a property manager can handle evictions and showings correctly and legally.

They will Collect Rent Efficiently

The last thing you want as a landlord is to chase down a renter every month for a rent check. This is quite exhausting especially if you live out of state. Property managers have a system in place to allow automatic and online payments. Also, their system can monitor the payment history of tenants and other financial transactions between you and your tenants.

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